HD Genome One

The HD Genome One software is an extensible and automatable solution to work with NGS data sets. Allows the integration of all the bioinformatics solutions required for your research, including read alignment, variant calling and annotation.

If you have algorithms, pipelines and/or databases of your own, HD Genome One also allows their integration.

Bioinformatics analysis performed with our HD Genome One software accomplish the necessary requirements regarding the CE-IVD marking.

CE-IVD | DREAMgenics



Software personalizable | HD Genome One


– User needs assessment
– Design and development of new tailored algorithms, pipelines and databases
– Creation of custom reports and visualizations
– Installation and complete setup in the preferred environment (on-premise or in the cloud)

Analisis de datos NGS | HD Genome One


– Compatible with any NGS platform and library preparation kit
– Any genomic file format
– Multi-species

Integracion de pipelines


– With any pipeline, algorithm or software (standard, developed by DREAMgenics or by user)
– With any database (open, professional or in-house databases)

Visualizacion de resultados | HD Genome One


– Powerful
– Comprenhensive
– Customizable

Gestion Eficiente | HD Genome One

Efficient Management

– Projects and samples management
– Easy-to-use interface
– No expertise required
– Real-time monitoring
– Mail notifications
– Repository of analysis, pipelines and samples


High Performance

– Automation
– Fault tolerance
– Analysis retries available
– Efficient computing and storage

DREAMgenics provides a NGS data-processing server with the pre-installed and ready-to-use HD Genome One solution. Renting option available.

In DREAMgenics we value the relevant role of our partners, supporting our development, which allows us to offer the best products for our clients.

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