Patricia Maroño

Patricia Maroño

Marketing Assistant

IMMédico Magazine: Preventive Genetics

IMMédico magazine publishes in its latest issue an interview with our head of clinical genetics, Leyre Larzabal, on preventive genetics and the importance of identifying variants of predisposition to the development of diseases in order to establish preventive actions or early diagnosis.

Predictive genetic testing can identify individuals with a genetic predisposition that puts them at increased risk for a disease before the onset of symptoms. These tests are very useful when a person has a family history of a particular disease and there is a method of intervention available to prevent the onset of that disease or to minimize its severity.

At Dreamgenics we have DG Preventive, a set of preventive genetic studies that allow us to know the genetic predisposition of a person to suffer from different hereditary diseases. 

You can read the interview and learn more about preventive genetics in the following link:

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