Genomic analysis

Relevant clinical information

Deciphering DNA information

The analysis of massive sequencing data is a complex process that requires a high level of bioinformatics knowledge and large processing and storage resources.

At Dreamgenics we have own software and pipelines for the analysis of NGS data from the sequencing of genomes, exomes, trio exomes and targeted exomes.

Our bioinformatics analysis includes:

  • Quality control of the sequences.
  • Alignment of reads originated against reference genome.
  • Detection of high quality variants (SNVs, translocations and CNVs).
  • Filtering of common variants in the population.
  • Annotation of variants obtained with multiple databases and prediction algorithms.
  • Comparison between samples and extraction of recurrent variants.
Accepted files

We can perform bioinformatics analysis from different files depending on the sequencing technology used:

  • Illumina: FASTQ, BAM and VCF
  • Ion Torrent: VCF

You can send us your raw files on a hard disk or share them via FTP. If you have any questions please contact us by sending an email to or calling 985 088 180 and we will help you.

Results in Genome One Reports

We deliver the results of our genomic analysis through our Genome One Reports platform. A simple and intuitive web platform that will provide you with the following advantages:

We offer a wide variety of possibilities

Depending on the starting sample and the analysis to be performed, different libraries can be used.

Contact us and we will help you choose the best option for your project.


*CNVs whenever the experimental design permits.