We offer qPCR assays and multiplex protein analysis.

An extensive list of possibilities

We provide researchers with a wide range of services that can be used independently or as a complement to NGS analysis, for example, through validation of RNA-Seq results by gene expression analysis and miRNA analysis.

Gene expression analysis (mRNA)

Real-time PCR

Using SYBR Green and TaqMan chemistries, we can perform gene expression analysis, which has a wide variety of applications in different research fields such as immunology and oncology, for example.

miRNA analysis

Real-time PCR

We use TaqMan MicroRNA assays to quantify and validate different types of small RNA. These assays can be used to validate results obtained in previous RNA-Seq analyses.


Real-time PCR

The investigation of genetic variation and the identification of genotypes has different applications:

  • SNP identification
  • Analysis of CNVs
  • Pharmacogenetics

Multiplexed protein analysis

Multiplexed immunoassays

The multiplex assays employ Luminex's xMAP® technology, designed to simultaneously detect and quantify multiple proteins (cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, etc.).