About us

We are driven by our commitment to help improve people's lives.

Our commitment

At Dreamgenics we are committed to leveraging our technology and the extensive knowledge of our team to contribute to the development of personalized medicine, in which it is possible to individually characterize each patient's disease so that they can receive the treatment that best suits their own needs. 

Improving every day

We are aware of the impact that our activity can have on people's health and quality of life, so we strive to improve every day, reviewing all the processes we carry out, always seeking to advance and improve in order to offer all our customers an increasingly catalogue of services and more advanced products.


We care for the environment

We strive to carry out our activities with respect for the environment, complying with the standards established in the regulations in this regard. 

We operate our facilities with the necessary controls and strive to minimize our impact by reducing waste and energy consumption.

Area Managers

Carlos Martínez, PhD.
CEO and Technical Director
Roberto Álvarez, BSc.
Leyre Larzabal, PhD.
Clinical Genetics Manager
Jorge Palomino, Msc.
Sales Manager


Ginevra Bonelli, Msc.
Clinical Geneticist
Arancha Cueto, HNc.
Laboratory Technician
Patricia Cueto, MSc.
Bioinformatics Scientist & Data Analyst
Claudia Garcia, MSc.
Bioinformatics Scientist
Sara Bonilla, MSc.
Bioinformatics Scientist
Alicia Gómez, Msc.
Bioinformatics Scientist
Enrique de la Rosa, Msc.
Bioinformatics Scientist
Paula Martinez, Bsc.
Junior Bioinformatics Scientist
Cristina Sáinz, Msc.
Administrative & Quality Manager
Daniel Giménez, Msc.
Software Developer & Medical Device Technical Manager
Javier Rodríguez, Msc.
Software Developer
Juan González, Bsc.
Software Developer
Patricia Maroño, Bsc.
Marketing Assistant
Marta Biarge, Msc.
Key Account Executive
Alberto González, PhD.
Key Account Executive