Patricia Maroño

Patricia Maroño

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Dreamgenics and APACI sign a Framework Collaboration Agreement to promote genetic diagnosis of congenital heart disease

APACI and Dreamgenics have signed a framework agreement of institutional collaboration to promote the genetic diagnosis of congenital cardiovascular diseases, as well as to develop research projects and training activities related to them.

The Association of Parents and Friends of Congenital Cardiopathies (APACI) is an association of public utility, national and independent that watches over and defends the fundamental right to health of those affected by congenital cardiopathies. Dreamgenics is a leading biotechnology company in Spain in the analysis of genomic data and genetic diagnosis.

During the signing of the framework agreement, Carlos Martínez, CEO of Dreamgenics, emphasized that the objective of this agreement is to provide APACI with a new tool to make available to all its associates in order to aid in the diagnosis of congenital heart disease. "This agreement is a demonstration of the firm commitment that Dreamgenics has in working on the development of Personalized Precision Medicine and we are delighted to be able to collaborate with APACI to bring it closer to all its associates."

Along the same lines, Juana Mª Jara, President of APACI, indicated "An accurate genetic diagnosis associated with congenital heart disease will make it possible to identify whether there may be other organs involved in addition to the heart, as well as to make a possible clinical prognosis, perform a family risk calculation to determine future reproductive risks and identify other family members at risk of suffering from the disease. Technological advances and knowledge in genetics are essential, so this agreement is a great opportunity for APACI and its families.

APACI and Dreamgenics have already started working on the first initiatives resulting from this agreement and are confident that they will be of great use to their partners.

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