IV Interdisciplinary Congress of Human Genetics


From today until next Friday 17th we will participate in the IV Interdisciplinary Congress of Human Genetics. During these three days a hundred of national and international speakers will address key issues such as the use of Artificial Intelligence in precision medicine, new diagnostic techniques, advances in cancer, genomic innovation in diagnosis, new diagnostic techniques and the use of ... Read more

Jorge Palomino, new Sales Manager

We would like to introduce you to Jorge Palomino, new Sales Manager of Dreamgenics. Jorge has a degree in Biology with a specialization in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master's Degree in Management and Development of Biomedical Technologies from the Carlos III University of Madrid. His professional experience includes five years of ... Read more

Dreamgenics and CEU San Pablo University sign an educational cooperation framework agreement

Dreamgenics and CEU San Pablo University sign a framework agreement for educational cooperation for the joint implementation of training, consulting and research activities. The CEU San Pablo University is the largest and most traditional private educational institution in Spain, founded in 1933 as a University College and, since 1993, as a private University, with a total of more than 1,000 students, ... Read more

ASEMPA Information Day


Last Wednesday we held an informative conference in collaboration with ASEMPA, Association of Muscular Diseases of the Principality of Asturias, in which our head of Clinical Genetics, Dr. Leyre Larzabal, spoke about neuromuscular diseases and the role of genetics in their diagnosis. We share with you the complete talk and we are at your disposal ... Read more

Dreamgenics signs a collaboration agreement with Objetivo Diagnóstico, the Spanish Association of Undiagnosed People

Dreamgenics and Objetivo Diagnóstico Agreement

Objetivo Diagnóstico and Dreamgenics have signed a framework agreement of institutional collaboration to promote the genetic diagnosis of rare diseases, as well as to develop research projects and training activities related to them. The majority of RDDs are chronic and degenerative diseases, which means that patients suffering from them face chronic pain, difficulties ... Read More

Marta Biarge, new commercial delegate

We would like to introduce you to Marta Biarge, our new sales representative in Madrid. Marta has a degree in Pharmacy from the European University of Madrid and has completed a master's degree in Medical Affairs, Medical Advisor and Medical Scientific Liaison, which has led her to manage various strategic and valuable projects for companies such as Pfizer. His experience ... Read more

IMMédico Magazine: Preventive Genetics

IMMédico magazine publishes in its latest issue an interview with our head of clinical genetics, Leyre Larzabal, on preventive genetics and the importance of identifying variants of predisposition to the development of diseases in order to establish preventive actions or early diagnosis. Predictive genetic tests make it possible to identify people with a genetic predisposition that may lead to the development ... Read more

World Neurofibromatosis Day

Neurofibromatosis Day

Today, May 17, is World Neurofibromatosis Day, a genetic disorder in which tumors form in nerve tissue, called neurofibromas, resulting in cutaneous and neurological signs, mainly affecting the quality of life of patients. Different types of neurofibromatosis There are three different types of neurofibromatosis ... Read More

World Rare Disease Day

February 28, World Rare Disease Day.

Today, February 28th, is World Rare Disease Day. Rare diseases are diseases of low prevalence in terms of the total population, but that already affect more than 3 million people in our country. It is estimated that there are 7,000 known rare diseases, and approximately 3 million ... Read more